Christmas trees


We grow and sell almost all varieties of Christmas trees, both naturally grown and pruned in all sizes, cf. price list.
Our production is mainly focused on very high quality spruce.
All Christmas trees are delivered basal pruned, netted and on pallets. Trees higher than 3 meters are loaded separately.


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Types of christmas trees


Norway Spruce
The Norway spruce is one of the most popular types of Christmas trees. Characteristics are tight upward branches evenly distributed. The tree has short, strong needles. It should not be taken inside until a few days before Christmas evening. To preserve the spruce needles, we are particularly careful cutting, moving, netting/palletting and transporting at the most appropriate time.


Nordmann fir
Nordmann fir is the most common Christmas tree in Scandinavia. The tree’s characteristic is that the branches are tightest lower and more sparse at the top and sticking straight out from the trunk. The tree’s needles are long and soft . A Nordmann fir keeps its needles longer than other types , also in the living room.


When you have bought your Christmas tree, it is a good idea to use a tree stand that can be filled with water. Cut a small piece of the bottom of the tree before raising it. Thereby the needles will keep fresh much longer. Top up with more water later, as the tree absorbs a lot of water.


Lodgepole pine
Lodgepole pine is becoming more and more popular as a Christmas tree in Europe. The needles are together in pairs and are slightly twisted. They are 3-5 cm long and dark green, The tree is very robust.


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